Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chepauk Stadium

I went to Chepauk stadium to see India vs Australia match. This was my first live match experience.  I was there for about 1:30 mins. I had a wish to see one four, one six and one wicket which was fulfilled.
Good to watch star cricketers playing live less than 1 km away.
Sachin was just a km away, Dhoni was 1 km away.
Cricket commentators who I adore, Harsha Boghle, Ravi Shashtri and many many more were just a km away.
Wow! What an experience! That too just for Rs 125 / day. Commuting was so very simple with MRTS.

Its very difficult to follow a six, before you see in the air its already in pavilion.

It was still winter in Chennai but how much hot it was! How the players stand this heat for a full day!

Have resolved to see every test cricket match which is played in Chennai.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Safal Niveshak's Art of Investing Workshop Chennai

I attended this session on March 3rd. I always told myself that I will definitely attend a session on share market investment , but was  looking out for the right opportunity.
I tried looking up  for classes and workshops  but in vain.
Sometime in Jan I came across the Safal Niveshak website and got hooked, then immediately came this opportunity and I took the plunge.
I like Vishal’s genuine passion for sharing knowledge. It’s a unique offer, he asks you to give any amount between 0 to Rs. 5000  for this training!
The following are the things that I learnt:
1.       How to read the Balance Sheet and look out for key numbers and ratios and using Screener
2.       Buy a share  which is much below its intrinsic value. You need not buy the best share, it’s enough to buy even an ordinary share at a discounted price. What you pay is very important.
3.       Do not buy Index Funds in India.The books that you have read which asks you to invest in Index Fund is written by western authors. The Index that they have here in India is not mature enough and it has frequent churning of stocks. 

4.     Do not sponsor the higher education of your child. Support till school and they can take educational loans
5.       Uncertainties and Risks are different. Risk can be calculated, uncertainty cannot be. Need to know Human Behavior so that we can respond rather than react to situation (one of the  materials for this training is “As A Man Thinketh”)

6.       Have journal to jot down your investment decisions(Better to have a journal for life as well). This will be helpful to reflect upon the decisions made and refining the investment style.

Here is the link to the blog regarding the workshop

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Ear phone

I need the ear phone. I hate exercise and I want to trick myself in hearing songs so I take my mind out of the body pain. But nowadays I’m into hearing discourse and podcast.
My previous company was in Siruseri and I used to commute for almost an hour to office, so that’s 2 hours a day. I’m not a guy who falls asleep as soon as I sit in my bus (this is an office bus). I’m not that  gifted! Also I cannot read in a moving bus, so I resorted to listening to radio and also sometimes to audio books.
Switching back to the present day, I’m hearing discourses in Tamil during my exercise. Right now its Velukkudi and Suki Sivam to be specific its Vidhura Needhi and Bhagavat Gita respectively.
All the audio books I heard previously were in English and this is the first time I’m into hearing a Tamil audio book (discourse).
Intellectually refreshing and physically beneficial (remember I’m exercising as I am hearing it)