Monday, August 22, 2011

Disturbing Dialogue

In one of my previous projects, I was working on a proposal. I was not very much interested in working on that proposal, I already had a project in hand and I was asked to do something extra.
As things progressed, there was a delivery pressure on that proposal and there was this news going around that we may need to work over the weekend to complete that. I never liked the idea of working in a weekend that too for a proposal which I was not passionate about. I was like, “that’s not my main responsibility, why should I stretch for this?”
That Friday I met my manager and said, “I’d completed this and this and the proposal is in good shape.. blah.. blah.. tell me if I’ve to come over the weekend?”
“You tell me”, he said
I looked at him baffled.
He smiled and said, “You are working on this proposal and you know how much needs to be completed. If I want I can ask you to come over the weekend, but there is no glory in me doing that. You decide”
I silently walked back to my cubicle.

This particular dialogue was the most disturbing I ever heard. This incident never changed me, but as I look back this is the reminder on what I was lacking.

What’s the difference between ownership and just doing your work, caring and just trying to be politically correct?

What would you do?

“What! Your father is in hospital!! Don’t hesitate to call me if you need something”


Do you just show up?