Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Driving Test

One Desi guy in US went for a Driving Test. When he was taking the road test, he reached a road junction and the signal was showing red, so he stopped the car. A few minutes later the signal turned green but this Desi was lost in thoughts and dint notice it. The Lady inspector who was sitting beside him asked, “When are you planning to go?”
He nonchalantly replied, “When my Visa expires”


“Hi! I came to know that you’ve created a planet that’s sustaining for a long time”
“Yes! Its called Earth”
“I’ve been trying to produce a planet with living creatures and I tried 4-5 Proof of Concepts but everything failed. Its great to meet someone who has done a living organisms planet which is surviving for a long time. I’m planning to work on another Proof of Concept and this time want it to be stable. So I thought of interviewing you to get a better idea”
“Everything starts with a Proof of Concept. Initially Earth was also a Proof of Concept. I’m pleasantly surprised that its now stable and can be called a project”
“Can you explain me the concept used in Earth?”
“Every living organism needs to consume energy to do its activities. The Energy in Earth can be obtained by combinations of light, minerals, water and air. We’ve a group of species called plants which do the job of creating and storing the energy in a palatable format..”
“..and then the other organisms consume this energy and also form the secondary source of palatable energy”
“Its very easy to create this energy cycle. Lets talk about the consciousness of these living organism. Lets talk about the organism which has the highest conscious abilities”
“They are called Humans”
“What separates these species from the rest of the species?”
“This species can think, reason, imagine, visualize etc”
“How much are they creative? Do they analyze who created me? Why am I here?”
“Some humans think about this.. but you see I have created a lot of illusions. Also they had complicated their own life. They are very busy with their day to day mundane things so they have no time to research for the important questions”
“They perish rite?”
“Yes they perish. Its called death”
“So everyone is aware that they will perish. Do they kind of analyze where we come from, why we die, are we illusions”
“Everyone knows that they will die. But they act as though they live forever”
“So they think that they are real”
“Yes. Just like we think that we are real”
“Aren’t we real?”
"You know the answer”
“I would like to hear it from you”
“Ok understood. You’ll not answer questions which are not pertaining to your project. Tell me how they think of you”
“They call me God. Many humans have many different versions of God. But I just don’t care. I’m looking for humans, who can appreciate this earth project or humans who are curious to know me. But unfortunately the majority of them don’t do either of this”
“B’coz of the illusion”
“Yes you can say so”
“How does this illusion work?”
“Ok look I just killed 300,000 humans. This is totally irrational. But these humans call it Tsunami! They rationalized an irrational thing!! Look here I kill this guy…..see they are saying that he died of a disease”
“So whatever we do irrationally gets converted as rational”
“Its not converted its their perspective. Its in their mind”
“So this earth, do they co-create”
“Yes they do. Every organism co-creates. I delegated a lot of creation to the organisms and it gives me beautiful complex creation!”
“..but they are not aware of that b’coz of illusion?”
“No.. we can’t say like that at least humans in some deep level know they are creating. At least in a subtle level”
“Like they reproduce and create an offspring. They construct some physical structures, they dream..”
“Dream is a state of consciousness where you imagine things. You create your own world”
“So its not co-creating. Its just pure creation”
“Yes they create an illusion. The illusion is such that if you create a dream and also present in the dream and something is happening around you and you feel as though you are in there for real. This is called creating an illusion and getting lost in it”
“Very interesting! I think this species of high consciousness.. humans are very intricately developed. Tel me more about this dream state”
“For eg this human is dreaming about you and me discussing about earth”
“Wow…. Wait!! Are we seeing this human dreaming about us. Or are we just existing in his dream?”
“Pls tell me!!!!”

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Royal Astrologer

The King came to the Royal Astrologer and said, “Sir! The Queen is pregnant. Can you please tell me whether it will be a boy or girl?”

The Astrologer closed his eyes and murmured some mantras and then he looked at the king and said, “Oh King! I have the answer to your question”

The Astrologer grabbed a palm leaf and scribbled something and then tied the palm leaf and placed it in a small iron box and closed it. The Astrologer said, “Even though I know the answer the time is not ripe to tell it to you. O King! Pls come back later”

The King gave some gifts to the Astrologer and bid him goodbye. The King came back a few months later, the astrologer rolled some dice and looked very agitated. He looked at the King and said, “Your highness! I very well know whether we are going to have a prince or princess, and I know how anxious you are. But unfortunately the time is still not ripe for you to hear it”

The King went back disappointed. Few months later the Queen gave birth to a beautiful princess. The King was overjoyed with happiness, but all these months the King was getting increasingly agitated about the Royal Astrologer. The King thought, “Is this astrologer trying to trick me? Does this guy really know astrology?”

The King went back to the astrologer and said, “O Learned Astrologer! I’m now a father of a princess”

The Royal Astrologer nodded and said, “O King! Pls go to the room in the left side. In the middle of the room you will see a small iron box. Pls open it and read what is written on the palm leaf”

The King went to the room and opened the iron box and untied the palm leaf. ‘Girl’ was written in that leaf. The king came back to the astrologer and bowed before him and said, “O Learned One! Pls forgive me for doubting you; you’ve proved to this country how great your astrology is! I understand that you should’ve a compelling reason to abstain from telling me whether the country will be blessed with a Prince or Princess. Pls accept my gifts”

After the king left one of the Royal Astrologer’s disciples came towards the astrologer and bowed before him and said, “Master! Pls teach us the technique that you used to find out whether the King’s child is a boy or girl”

The Royal Astrologer said, “Go to the room in the right side and read what is written on the palm leaf inside the Iron Box”