Monday, December 6, 2010

I Choose to Believe

What we call reality is actually our perceived reality. We have physical filters like our vision is sensitive to a range of wavelength and our ears can hear from 20-20kHs. We perceive the reality with our physical and mental filters. The mental filters are called belief.
Belief is so powerful, once we have a belief in place, whatever happens out there. We have our own explanation. Everything looks so logical with our belief in place.
Some common belief systems
1. Everything is happening for a purpose. There are no accidents
2. We are writing our exams. God gives marks
3. Life is to enjoy
4. Everything is random
I don’t want any belief system. I want to see the world as it is. I need no filter
Well, it can be a worthy pursuit, to see as it is. But we humans with so many physical filters, can we see as it is mentally? May be our brains are tuned to work with filters. If we throw all the filters out how will it behave?
If you really want to experience ‘no belief’, then try, “I belief in no belief” (it’s the other way of saying ‘everything is random’)
Even if we fully comprehend the reality, will it be really exciting? What if the reality is just a collection of the total thoughts and belief systems in the universe, then it will be noisy.
When you are talking with your friend near a traffic signal don’t you tune yourself out of the noises so that you can focus on what you really want to hear?
Why can’t belief be a tool to tune in to what we really want to experience?
I see no harm in putting a pleasing ‘green’ filter over my perceived reality. It soothes me and it doesn’t distort the perceived reality.
I choose to believe, in belief.
• I believe that I am worthy of receiving all the abundance, beauty and love of life
• I believe that good things happen to me
• If life throws a challenge, its not to test me and not to correct me. The challenges are for making life more interesting. Challenges are pathways to new exciting experiences.
• I feel extremely grateful for all the wonderful things in life

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two Flower Sellers

The king was crossing a small village when he saw a temple nearby. The king decided to visit the temple and offer his prayers. The chariot stopped near the temple and the king got down and saw two flower sellers outside the temple.
The king approached the first flower seller and said that he needed the full basket of flowers and asked him how much did it cost.
The flower seller said, “Your Highness! It costs 100 bucks”. The flower actually costs 10 bucks but the flower seller decided to take advantage of the situation. The flower seller thought that the king may never know the actual costs of any commodity. For the king 100 would be a meager amount and he wouldn’t think twice to pay that money.
The king took the basket of flowers and said he would pay after offering his prayers. The king then approached the second flower seller and asked the same questions.
The second flower seller immediately gave the basket of flowers.
The king asked, “How much does it cost?”
The second flower seller replied, “King! It’s a high privilege that these flowers are of use to you. I feel very happy to be of service to you. I need nothing.”
The king went inside the temple and offered his prayers and then came out paid the first flower seller 100 bucks and returned back to his palace.
The king narrated the incident to his minister and said, “I like the second flower seller very much. I want to give him 10 acres of land, please be ready with the necessary paper work”