Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Hidden Diamond - Blurb

“Death is easy, but to live….”, he mused as he looked through the door of his cell at the impending waves of Indian Ocean

It’s extremely unfortunate that he is referred as Bhagat Singh’s comrade and not the other way

An almost non-fictional account of a freedom fighter 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Joint Issue

“What’s the highest peak in Earth”
“Mount Everest”
“What’s the lowest point in Earth”
“Should be under some ocean”
“Dead Sea”
“How nice it will be to have both the highest and lowest point of earth in a stamp, But it’s not possible. Stamp is usually issued by a country and here we have geographies under 2 different counties”
“Joint Issue”
“So you are saying its possible”
“It’s not just possible. It had actually happened in 2012 itself. Israel and Nepal did a joint issue”

“Wow. Do we have these kind of joint issue stamps in India”
“Yes, we have several stamps. India has good relations with several countries. Here are some example of joint issue stamps (and Miniature Sheets) from India”