Sunday, June 10, 2012

Urumi - Review

I was disappointed.
Why should you have (unnecessary) love story in a period film. That too why you make a Hindu love a Muslim girl and vice-versa.
Why make Vidya Balan an oracle and have one unnecessary song.
Why unnecessary present day role for the period film characters. Why can’t the film be just a period film, why an unnecessary reference to present.
Why should there be a hand to hand combat between the hero and the villian.
Even Avatar had a final hand to hand combat with the hero and villain, cinematic and unnecessary.
I did research on Vasco da Gama after seeing the film and was astonished to find what was shown in the film was true.
This just shows how skewed our History awareness is. Also shows how powerful media Films are.
More (authentic) historical films needs to be made. But care should be taken to give a balanced view. Black and White picturization, we are good they are bad kind of  stereotypic  characters is not the answer.
Good camera but not so good music and also very slow combat. I expected at least 1 full sized war. Most fighting sequence in slow motion.
It seems Vasco da Gama had asked the Hindu ruler to expel the Muslims which the Hindu did not agree.
This important and significant scene was missed in the film.
Sometimes the creator throws in some symbols, some hints, which he expects the viewer will  uncover and appreciate.
A good creator leaves lot of symbols, there is a main story and then there are hints which can be appreciated by viewer who wishes to go deeper.
The Mosquito bite on Gama was a symbol, the symbol was to show that Gama finally died of Malaria. Gama did not care much about the mosquito, he just kills it. Blissfully unaware of his awaiting death.